Exciting Pool Water Features | Ideas For Your Backyard Pool

There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding in your own backyard pool on a hot summer day. But what if we told you that you can enhance that experience by adding exciting water features to your pool? Yes, that’s right!  Hot Spot Pools is here to provide some ideas and inspiration for backyard pool water features that will transform your pool into an outdoor space you will surely fall in love with! Expert swimming pool builders with knowledgeable staff ready to make your pool a priority!

With an array of pool water features available, you can easily take your in-ground pool to the next level. Here we’ll share five exciting pool water feature ideas for your backyard pool that you will enjoy for years to come! Here are the features:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Bubblers
  • Deck jets
  • Lighting

Transform your backyard with any of these pool water features ideas:


A stunning and serene water feature that can transform your backyard pool area into a tranquil oasis. By incorporating natural or artificial rock formations, water cascades gracefully into the pool, creating an enchanting visual and auditory experience. The soothing sound of flowing water adds a sense of relaxation to your outdoor space, making it the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a peaceful retreat with family and friends. Waterfalls can be tailored to suit various design preferences, ranging from small, subtle flows to dramatic, multi-tiered cascades. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, waterfalls also help in maintaining pool water quality by promoting circulation and oxygenation. You can choose from natural-looking rock waterfalls or modern architectural waterfalls, depending on the style of your pool. Create a breathtaking focal point in your backyard with a waterfall feature, and indulge in the ultimate poolside relaxation experience.


Fountains are a captivating water feature that enhances the visual appeal and ambiance of backyard pools. With various designs, styles, and sizes, fountains seamlessly integrate into any pool setting. Their gentle spray creates soothing sounds and mesmerizing visuals, while also improving water circulation and reducing algae growth. Paired with LED lighting, fountains create a dazzling nighttime display, adding enchantment to your backyard oasis. Choose from simple spouts to elaborate sculptures for a unique visual centerpiece, and incorporate a fountain for an unforgettable pool experience that delights guests and family alike.


An exciting and playful water feature that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your backyard swimming pool. These small fountains, installed on pool steps, tanning ledges, or shallow areas, create a gentle, bubbling effect that adds both visual interest and soothing sounds to your pool environment. Bubblers are perfect for families with young children, as they provide a fun element for kids to enjoy while also creating a calming ambiance for adults. Moreover, when combined with LED lighting, bubblers can transform your pool into a mesmerizing, colorful oasis during evening hours. Easy to install and maintain, bubblers are an excellent addition to any backyard swimming pool, enhancing its overall appeal and providing endless enjoyment for all ages.

Deck jets: 

A captivating water feature that can take your backyard swimming pool to the next level of elegance and entertainment. These sleek, inconspicuous fixtures are installed around the pool’s perimeter and project arching streams of water into the pool, creating a stunning visual effect. Deck jets add an element of sophistication and excitement to any pool design, while also contributing to a soothing atmosphere with the gentle sound of flowing water. They can be customized to suit your preferences, with adjustable angles and flow rates, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space. When paired with LED lighting, deck jets offer a mesmerizing nighttime display that will leave your guests in awe. Enhance your backyard swimming pool experience with the addition of deck jets, and enjoy a touch of luxury and enchantment right at home.


LED lighting is a remarkable feature that can transform your backyard pool into a dazzling and inviting haven. With an extensive range of colors and patterns, you can effortlessly set the mood and atmosphere for any poolside occasion, be it a lively party or a serene evening retreat. LED lights not only add an element of luxury to your pool but also contribute to enhanced safety by illuminating the pool area during nighttime hours. Opt for a single color to create a consistent ambiance or choose color-changing lights for a dynamic, ever-changing light show that captivates and enchants. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lighting is an excellent investment for your backyard oasis, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. Illuminate your pool with vibrant LED lights and enjoy unforgettable evenings under the stars in your very own backyard paradise.

Embrace the Magic of Pool Water Features

Incorporating water features such as waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, deck jets, and LED lighting into your backyard pool can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall enjoyment. These elements not only create an inviting and captivating atmosphere but also serve practical purposes, like improving water circulation and promoting relaxation. By carefully selecting and combining these features, you can craft a truly unique and personalized outdoor oasis that caters to your preferences and lifestyle. Transform your backyard pool area into a mesmerizing sanctuary, where memorable moments are created, and cherished experiences are shared with family and friends. Embrace the magic of water features and elevate your poolside experience to new heights of luxury and serenity. Reach out to Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs, and BBQ for a swimming pool contractor today!

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