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In adjusting pool chemicals Kansas City residents find it can be a bit tricky and our experts are ready to help. At Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs and BBQ we offer a variety of services to keep your pool ready to go! Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, we have the products and services to help.  pool chemicals Kansas City

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Keeping Pool Chemicals in Balance

When we mention pool chemicals, the first thing that comes to mind is the `pungent’ smell of chlorine. However, to ensure that bacteria don’t thrive in the water, you should maintain the chemical balance of pools. If ignored, the water could irritate the skin and eyes. In the worst-case scenario, pathogens can spread to other pool users. Let’s look at the pool chemicals Kansas City residents should consider. Here are several of the potential pool chemicals to consider:

  • Chlorine
  • Shock
  • Bromine
  • Borates
  • Oxidizers
  • Algaecide
  • Clarifiers


This is arguably the most used chemical for treating swimming pools. It reacts with water to produce hypochlorous and hydrochloric acid. Both penetrate the cells of bacteria such that the microorganisms no longer pose a health risk to users. Apart from that, chlorine is used for shock treatments whenever sanitization is required. Generally speaking, there are two types of chlorine:

  • Dichlor – it’s a rapid chlorinator used to shock a pool after an extended period. You should use it after a rainstorm or when you have more than unusual people in your swimming pool.
  • Trichlor – it’s used when you need continuous disinfecting or maintenance of water. You can also add this to a chlorinator.

Here is the catch – pool owners are slowly moving from traditional chlorine to salt chlorinators. The latter creates a safe and healthy pool in which to swim.


Just like chlorine, Bromine has quick sanitizing abilities – it’s more stable than chlorine. It keeps water clean by killing microorganisms and controlling debris. If you’ve been using other chemicals, you need to fully drain the pool before you use bromine.


This chemical is commonly used for easier pool maintenance. It stabilizes the PH level in the water. Moreover, borates can tolerate different water temperatures, and that’s why they are perfect for indoor pools. Other benefits include:

  • It softens water – hard water can make the skin dry. Borates will not only keep the water clear but also softens it. When mixed with chlorine, it prevents the water from being consumed by UV light.
  • Prevents algae – since borate won’t interfere with the effectiveness of chlorine, algae is less likely to develop.
  • Reduces the use of chlorine – since borate prevents algae growth, you don’t need excess chlorine to prevent algae growth.


This is the powerhouse of pool cleaners. They are commonly used after heavy pool use and during extreme weather. So, why wait for a rainstorm to oxidize your pool? To maintain the cleanliness you need, you should oxidize every few weeks.


Poor circulation in the pool can lead to algae growth, even when well maintained. You must treat your pool as soon as algae bloom appears. In other words, this chemical can transform your pool from cloudy to crystal clear.


This chemical transforms pool water from cloudy to crystal clear. It works by causing fine particles to coagulate into larger ones – they can be removed from the pool’s filtration system.

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