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Take a Look at Some of Our Relaxing Saunas:

mPulse Aspire
mPulse Conquer

Because of the spacious panel size, it is important to ensure that your doors and pathways  are large enough to install the sauna in your home. Standard doors in the U.S. are 30” to 36” wide, and 6’ to 8’ tall. Please measure any doorway or hallway needed prior to purchase.


  • Far, mid, and near infrared heaters, proven 99% effective
  • Access to 7 wonderful wellness programs
  • Smart features on 10.1” tablet powered by Android
  • Chromotherapy: healing with lights and colors
  • Acoustic Resonance Sound Therapy, a must-have add-on that will rejuvenate you through sound and vibration.
  • Available in Basswood, Eucalyptus & Euca/Cedar (Eucalyptus Exterior / Cedar Interior)

Restore your healthy vitality with this slim and sleek Signature® sauna. Elegant details of crown molding, wooden paneling and exterior lighting make this far infrared sauna a beautiful addition to any room.


  • Solocarbon far infrared technology proven 95% effective
  • Clinically-tested to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss
  • Environmentally approved for safety with ultra low EMF technology
  • and much more…

CONQUER your wellness goals with the help of this three-person smart infrared sauna. Your entire body will be enveloped with healing heat for a renewed sense of vitality with our customizable heaters.


  • 6 preset health programs to help achieve desired result from just one-touch.
  • 10.5” Android-powered control panel
  • Clinically-backed far, mid & near infrared health benefits
  • and much more…


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