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Marquis Spas Made in the USA and Marquis is Employee Owned.

Marquis® was founded in 1980. Since that time we’ve worked hard to build trust with our customers. So it’s no surprise to find that today we’re an employee-owned company. We’ve always had a reputation for quality products and each employee takes pride of ownership very seriously. Such a commitment has led to the highest level of product quality and reliability.


Marquis® and Make-A-Wish® team up to help wish kids find relief in the soothing water of a hot tub or swim spa. For the past sixteen years, Marquis® has been the preferred provider for Make-A-Wish® hot tub and swim spa wishes. With the help of its dealers, they have granted nearly 700 hot tub and swim spa wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions across North America and the United Kingdom. Click here to learn more about this partnership.


Marquis® is helping make wishes come true for kids battling life-threatening medical conditions. During the last week of September, Marquis® will be donating six of the WishTM model hot tubs in six days to Make-A-Wish chapters across America to use for wish granting or fundraising purposes.

The six hot tubs were generated by a Spirit of a Wish promotion, where Marquis®offered to donate a WishTMhot tub for every three Swim Spa Aquatic Training Vessels (ATV) purchased this past April. Consumers across the United States supported the campaign resulting in 19 ATV’s sold. As a result, for each of the next six days, Marquis®will announce  a different Make-A-Wish chapter that will receive a donated hot tub to use for wishes or to generate funds for their chapter.

“Hot tubs, with their relaxing and restorative properties, tend to be a popular wish request for wish kids throughout the country, and we thank Marquis® and its customers for helping us grant hot tub wishes,” said David Williams, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish America. “Because of the support from the Spirit of a Wishcampaign, we are able to bring the powerful benefits of a wish-come-true to more children with life-threatening medical conditions nationwide.”

Marquis® has been a proud partner of Make-A-Wish for over 16 years and is excited to announce they will be celebrating their 700th wish! Next month Marquis® will be celebrating the 700th wish when 8 year-old Chase receives his new 17-foot swim spa.

“It’s incredibly rewarding that through our hot tubs and swim spas, we are able to add some happiness and improve the wellbeing of so many children with life-threatening medical conditions,” says John Schrenk President of Marquis®. “I speak on behalf of all Marquis® employee-owners when I say we feel privileged and honored to be able to enhance the lives of these children. It feels wonderful to see our spas create a sanctuary for the wish kids and their families.”

Marquis®’ 16 year partnership was inspired by a girl named Andrea over a decade ago. When Make-A-Wish approached Marquis® about helping to grant Andrea’s wish in 2000, the company was more than eager to help. Her wish inspired Marquis® to help with similar wishes. So far the sponsorship has generated more than $3 million in donations and discounts for Make-A-Wish. Marquis® dealers nationwide are involved in granting wishes. To learn more about hot tub wishes and the partnership with Make-A-Wish,

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