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Developed with your skin in mind, MicroSilk® delivers benefits unlike any other form of hydrotherapy. Natural and non-invasive, tiny microbubbles gently envelop the body’s largest organ to relieve irritation, encourage metabolism, fight free radicals, and promote wellness.

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A MicroSilk bubble is approximately 50 to 100 times smaller than a typical hot tub bubble. The bubbles created by a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk are not only much smaller than regular hot tub bubbles, they are also negatively charged. Negatively charged ions are believed to increase serotonin production in humans, which is responsible for emotional stability, a sense of well being and promotes restful sleep. They also help eliminate free radicals in the body which are known to cause cellular damage. This is part of the degenerative aging process which causes premature aging.

The oxygen levels with MicroSilk are 70% higher than tap water. This correlates to a luxurious feeling, energizing skin cells, stimulating your immune system, killing bacteria and promoting healing.

You’ll also experience the power of the micro bubbles in the air surrounding the hot tub: Negatively charged anions improve serotonin levels, help relax your mind and body, promote deep sleep, enhance recovery from physical exhaustion.


The fact you experience this wellness with Marquis is a major distinction. MicroSilk technology has existed in the bath industry for several years. After each bath, all the water and the impurities drawn from the skin are washed down the drain. In a hot tub, how you clean and reuse the water rather than dumping out wasted water each use is very important to understand. The best filtration/sanitation system in the industry…Marquis’ proprietary ConstantClean™ water management with SmartClean™ technology…is the superior system that effectively and quickly restores your water back to pristine.

The SmartClean software controls regularly scheduled clean-up cycles and knows when you have used the hot tub and automatically triggers an additional cleanup cycle with all of the ConstantClean processes after your soak – a critical performance feature for clean water after MicroSilk® use…and only available with Marquis.

Your MicroSilk system will provide you a unique restorative beauty treatment…just as Marquis®’ water management system will restore your water to its pristine condition. Now prepare to renew your body and look years younger in a luxurious Marquis® hot tub with MicroSilk®. The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!

Using a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk® is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial, moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-bubbles literally envelope your body in a soothing, effervescent cloud of oxygen. Yes, oxygen is good for your skin. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration.


Anti-aging benefits are perceivable. With real, tangible effects, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is the anti-aging treatment of choice for the modern, sophisticated woman or man. Instead of invasive medical procedures, your treatment happens as you soak away all the worries of the day in a luxurious Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk.

  • Increased skin metabolism
  • Enhanced skin cell growth
  • Deeper cleansing of the pores to remove impurities
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased hydration
  • Therapeutic levels of anions
  • Neutralization of free radicals
  • Relief from the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis

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THE EPIC 5 Person Hot Tub 65 Jets
5 Person Hot Tub
65 Jets

THE PROMISE 6 Person Hot Tub 48 Jets
6 Person Hot Tub
48 Jets

THE RESORT 5 Person Hot Tub 60 Jets
5 Person Hot Tub
60 Jets

THE SPIRIT 3 Person Hot Tub 32 Jets
3 Person Hot Tub
32 Jets

THE EUPHORIA 7 Person Hot Tub 58 Jets
7 Person Hot Tub
58 Jets

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