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So, is it really worth saving a few bucks to buy from these fly by night companies that are here 3 days only and sell. They do not support our local communities. They don’t pay our local taxes. They are here for one thing and that is to take your hard earned money. BUYER BEWARE!!

We support our local communities!

If you want to save some money and have a great warranty backed up by an experienced and talented professional, then you want to buy from us. We are HERE in Liberty, Mo and service the Kansas City Metro areas. We have been in Liberty for 12 years and we know hot tubs. We are locally owned, we sell AMERICAN made hot tubs and Swim Spas. The Marquis Spas is a Employee Owned company! So they care about the product they make, Not like other manufacturers made in Mexico or Canada. If you would like more info about our products, stop in our showroom and experience the satisfaction of buying from a local retail store, selling USA made hot tubs and swim spas. You should be enjoying your Hot Tub, NOT waiting for someone to come repair it.

Hot Spot Pools Hot Tubs & BBQ is located at 2101 Kara Ct, Liberty, Mo 64068 816-781-8884


From time to time we get these fly by night companies that come into our city and do a quick in and out “3-Day Spa Sale”. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you lay down your hard earned cash on a hot tub or swim spa manufactured by a company without a local dealer to stand by their product.

  1. They have great deals! They do but at your cost. We have heard countless nightmare stories from our customers that have bought and demanded their money back because of the problems they had. Remember you are dealing with a company from another state and city, so you don’t have local representation to take care of any problems that arise.
  2. How is the delivery going to work? Who delivers the spa or swim spa? Since these companies don’t have local representatives, they are going to contract the delivery out to someone that will do a driveway delivery only. Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs & BBQ has the professional equipment and experience necessary to deliver and fit your new spa into the tightest of spots with the expertise and care that comes from hundreds of delivery/installations over 12 years.
  3. Who is going to handle the warranty? Since these manufacturers don’t have any local representatives in Kansas City to work on their hot tubs, spas or swim spas. you are at their mercy. You must contact them and wait for them to respond, have them send you the parts to fix it your self or hire somebody to fix it for you. What good is the warranty then.
  4. If you don’t know anything about hard wiring the electrical, what will you do? We work with a local electrical company that will be there to hook up your new hot tub or swim spa when we deliver it. We coordinate the delivery date with the licensed electrical contractor so we are on site to supervise proper electrical hook up. Then we can fill your hot tub, fire it up, and run through a quality control sequence to make sure everything is working properly. When we leave, you’re hot tub or swim spa will be ready for use.

We want all of our customers knowing that they can have a worry free night of sleep without worrying about their hot tub. They have some they can call and talk to instead of a answering service. We are here for our customers.

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